Concentriq™ Academic Research & Education Edition is intelligent software that unlocks pathology data, helping academic medical organizations leverage tissue data to create impact in ways not previously possible. Our intuitive, cost-effective platform makes it easier to manage and share whole slide images, allowing your digital pathology initiatives to launch new avenues of research and discovery.

Empower studies with new insights from whole slide images

Data-centric research and diagnostic imaging can now drive the same kind of results for pathology as they have for radiology and genomics. Concentriq accelerates groundbreaking pathology research with a robust viewer that includes tools for image analysis and annotation.

  • Robust image annotation and manipulation toolset
  • Integration with 3rd Party Image Analysis
  • Easily importable and exportable datasets

Promote your organization with public pathology repositories

Concentriq enables academic centers to digitize and capitalize on decades of glass biopsy slides with built-in whole slide image publishing tools. Now you can position your organization as a thought leader in diagnostic medicine while driving novel learnings — and earning additional revenue — by offering new educational courses.

  • Dual Single Sign-On and non-credentialed log-in
  • Role-based permissions and sharing
  • Easy set-up cloud and on-premises deployment options

See the Repositories

Enable collaborative research & discovery

With live multi-user viewing and repository sharing, Concentriq enables collaboration across sites and between institutions. Engage in joint research projects — or gain global access to shared data assets — with a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous users.

  • Virtual multi-head for real-time collaboration
  • Quick, secure sharing with configurable roles and permissions
  • Immediate access from anywhere in the world through browser-based login

Train your pathologists for the new digital standard

By 2025, pathology practices will be driven by AI-enabled digital pathology systems. With Concentriq, you can prepare your students for the world of computational medicine while enhancing lectures with whole-slide images.

  • Facilitate remote learning with digital teaching sets
  • Intuitive interface makes on-boarding users easy and quick
What else does Concentriq enable?
  • Remote teaching to an unlimited number of students worldwide
  • Fast, and powerful search for all of an institution’s pathology data
  • Clear, intuitive organization of pathology data across an entire facility
  • Enhancing lecture series with whole slide images
  • The creation and hosting of vast public pathology repositories
  • Centralization of all image data (e.g. brightfield and fluorescence)

Learn moreabout Concentriq

What could your institution accomplish with advanced digital pathology capabilities from Proscia? Request a demo to see how Concentriq can fuel your research and help you equip the next generation of pathologists.

How is Johns Hopkins University using Concentriq?

Educators at Johns Hopkins University are leveraging Proscia’s digital pathology platform to enable whole slide imaging and sharing via public pathology repositories hosted by Proscia. Users can view, access, and annotate images from anywhere around the globe.


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