Concentriq™ Clinical Edition is an intelligent workflow platform, eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks that cripple traditional pathology lab processes. Our software platform automates image-based workflows and delivers actionable insight into laboratory performance, driving higher quality and productivity across all your lab operations.

Speed up workflows with powerful automation tools

Free your pathologists from inefficient processes that slow overall operations and complicate how your lab handles cases. Configurable workflows, robust integrations, and dynamic automated triggers ensure your team applies its expertise where it matters most.

  • Automated action-based triggers for case creation, assignment, and ordering
  • Enhanced QA review with automated, targeted case selection and tracking
  • Optimize storage costs and automate data archiving with case lifecycle management

Drive laboratory-level operational insight

Concentriq goes beyond slide-level data, helping laboratories use digital pathology to boost organization-wide performance. With powerful analytics and real-time productivity and quality tracking, the Clinical Edition grants labs a level of actionable insight not possible within traditional glass-based workflows.

  • Track laboratory metrics in real-time
  • Trend analysis
  • Automated metric dashboarding

Streamline collaboration& access to expertise

With Concentriq, your lab can drastically reduce the time and revenue lost to the logistics of shipping glass slides between labs. Our platform gives any number of individuals the ability to securely access relevant cases for remote review and digital tumor boards.

  • Real-time collaboration with virtual multi-head module
  • Role-based permission and sharing
  • Immediate access through browser-based login from anywhere in the world
What else does Concentriq enable?
  • Create well-defined workflows specific to your lab, including processes for special stain ordering, QA requests, etc.
  • Auto-archiving of data for easy-access during audits & evaluations
  • Balance and prioritize cases in your pathologists’ worklists
  • Provide remote access to your lab’s most up-to-date worklists and cases

Supercharge Concentriq with DermAI

Concentriq’s first AI module unlocks greater operational efficiency and quality in dermatopathology. Learn how DermAI is driving quality and revenue while helping laboratories overcome many of the biggest challenges in dermatopathology.

Explore Concentriq

From uniquely challenging academic centers to high volume commercial and hospital operations, laboratories are driving quality and productivity with Concentriq today. Request a demo to see how Concentriq can enhance your workflows.

Pathologists are getting results with Concentriq

Concentriq is already being put into practice at an increasing number of high-volume pathology labs. See our latest announcements for an overview of how our platform is changing pathology.

At these labs, digital pathology runs on Concentriq

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